“I have been a client of Audrey’s for 25 years. I am still amazed at her knowledge of the skin, facial structure, and products she recommends. It is not unusual that when someone hears my age they say I look 10 or more years younger. Thanks, Audrey!”

– B.S.W Portsmouth, Rhode Island

“My skin has never looked or felt so good! Thanks, Audrey!”


– K.W. Middletown, Rhode Island

“Audrey always makes my skin feel wonderful and I leave with a beautiful glow. I have been a client of Audrey’s for over 14 years. My skin is firmer with increase muscle tone and more of a youthful appearance due to the nonsurgical facelift called the Smooth Skin System. I am more than pleased with Audrey’s expert yet gentle hands along with her incredible knowledge regarding skin care. Audrey is a true professional!!! I plan on seeing Audrey for another 14 years plus! I would like to say Audrey you are the best and I thank you!” 

– Debbie Age 67

“I recommend Audrey in all aspects of my skin care. I’ve been under her professional advice for over 30 years. My skin has reached a few stages over the years in which Audrey has guided me to reach its full potential. I am dedicated to her services. It is a NEED in my life style.”


– T.W.O